• Blessed by the Beauty of Our Area.

    Welcome to the 15th annual week of Blessings!
    We are so excited to be able to impact our community this way!
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  • Blessed by Our Families and Youth.

  • Blessed by Our Local Businesses

    Join us for the Blessing of the Marketplace Luncheon to be held at
    Destin United Methodist Church on Wednesday May 9th at ll:30 AM.
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Week of Blessings

We invite you to be a part of the daily events throughout the week.

Get Involved

Check out the list of local churches and ask how you can get involved!

History of the Event

Amy Perry interviews the Week of Blessings co-founders Mel Ponder and Capt. Mike Parker.


As a community foundation and for 61 years, the annual Blessing of the Destin Fishing Fleet takes place in the Destin harbor on Ascension Day (Thursday, May 10th). On this day, local pastors gather to bless charter fishing boats and others who earn their living from the sea, for safe passage and bountiful catches. Today, the Blessing of the Fleet has grown along with the community and its businesses becoming a week-long celebration starting Sunday, May 6th through Thursday, May 10th. Included in this annual event is also the Blessing of the Marketplace taking place on Wednesday, May 9th. This year, the overall event celebrates it's 15th year!

Please check the calendar for further details for each day's event.

Each day during the week we will carry blessing to a different group… Come join us for any or all the events!